Research + Development + Innovation

OldCare was born within academia, and this has been a constant throughout our growth. We privilege scientific research, development and innovation in the field of health and aging. We create new solutions that provide gains in Quality of Life, Autonomy, Comfort and Cost Savings for the senior population of our country.

We work with Universities, Polytechnics, Researchers, Companies and Organizations to find new solutions for different challenges, redesign services, care and products.

Our objectives are:

  • To promote a culture of Creativity and Innovation in OldCare;
  • Mobilize partners;
  • Putting our field experience to the service of Research;
  • Develop new solutions, or complementary solutions adapted to each client;
  • Share knowledge in Gerontology and Geriatrics;
  • Reinventing OldCare proactively;

In the search for new solutions, we developed the Post-hospital Support Service, the Telecare Service and the fully Innovative, Patented, Registered Trademark Medical Device, SafetyBed®.

Consulting in Statistical Analysis

To support health researchers, OldCare now provides statistical analysis services:

  • Statistical analysis with SPSS supported by clinical research.
  • Guidance and planning of research.
  • Elaboration of online questionnaires.

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Responsible: Doctor Carlos Afonso