24-hour Teleassistance service always with you.

Prevention, Safety and Tranquility.

A simple, fast, secure and economical communication system.

This service provides emergency assistance 24 hours a day (SOS line for Teleassistance Center), calls to support solitude, geolocation, contact with the team of caregivers and family.

24 hour support from 1 Euro per day

This response aims to contribute to the reduction of avoidable episodes of urgency caused by lack of surveillance and monitoring of risk situations and to increase the speed of care in SOS episodes.

The objective is to promote greater support and vigilance at home, made by health professionals, who in turn can report regularly collected information to the attending physician, family and support institutions.

Different teleassistance equipment can be used to best suit the abilities of each elderly person.

The Health of Proximity join Teleassistence with the Telecare, that is, the distance assistance with the face-to-face care.